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About Us

Real Estate is Our Passion, Our Heritage and Our Future.

With a story that starts in the 90’s, we’ve spent decades defining real estate greatness in Uganda. But, it’s a job that’s never finished—and that’s just fine, because we love what we do. Since then, CMS has grown to become the leading real estate management company in Uganda and has also spread its wings into Rwanda.

The company takes on real estate management service with passion and it will continue to set pace for real estate management in the country. 

Our Real Estate Verticals Include:  Office space, Retail Space,  Commercial Space, Residential Space, Warehousing and  Consultancy.

Our Vision

To deliver trustworthy real estate management service that our clients will cherish for a lifetime.

Our Mission

To increase the standard of living and enrich the working environment of our clients through providing the highest quality of customer care. 

Our Management

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia - crane management

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia


Lasting Real Estate Solutions

Sustainable development cannot be achieved without significantly transforming the way we build and manage our urban spaces. To attain sustainable economic growth and development, investment in infrastructure and innovation are crucial drivers . 

Crane Management Services was initiated with the sole purpose of providing a lasting Real Estate solution aimed at making all stakeholders happy through providing quality residential, commercial (retail, official, and apartments), and industrial space. 

We are passionate about this and we continue to exceed our expectations in delivering better real estate projects.

MD Ruparelia Group

Rajiv Ruparelia

Managing Director

Compliance and Affordability

In real estate, compliance affects all structures : from commercial to residential to retail and institutional. CMS works hard to ensure that it stays on top of all compliance standards in order to manage its successful real estate portfolio.

To this note, we’re so proud of the fact that all properties managed by CMS are compliant yet affordable. We will therefore continue to deliver professional real estate services to all our clients ensuring consistency, compliance and affordability.

We also know that a customer comes first and we share the commitment to building relationships with our clients that are firmly rooted in trust and mutual respect for each other.

Prabhat-b crane management

Prabhat Mishra

General Manager

Commitment to Our Clients

We are committed to doing real estate business according to our core values. We feel that the most successful partnerships are built on a mutual understanding of where we want to go, and how we want to get there. That’s why, despite various clients needs, we still provide the best real estate management service.

Having been in the business of property management for over three decades, we learnt on the job, and kept growing with the industry. This experience has been very helpful for us.

Today we extend the finest service in terms of efficiency, professionalism,  approachability and commitment to all our clients.

About crane management services

Company Overview

  • Crane Management Services (CMS) is a leading Real Estate management company in Kampala, Uganda.  
  • It is a subsidiary of the Ruparelia Group of Companies.
  • Our core business is managing, marketing and consultancy within the real estate sector.

  • The company prides itself in providing the highest level of customer care service to our clients. 
  • With a data driven management approach, CMS easily understand its customer requirements and business needs.
  • We manage upto 350 properties, totalling to 5 million square feet. 95% of our total management is in Kampala city and suburbs of Kampala.
  • CMS has its head office on 4th Floor, Crane Chambers building, Plot 38 Kampala Road.

Core Values

No matter how long you’ve done business with CMS, you should know about our mission. Incase you haven’t done business with us, our values stem from our mission. They are the principles by which we run our business.

Our Core Values:

  • Customer care
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Self responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Quality.

Our History

We have come a long way and our company’s history can be traced back to 90s. We now understand our customer requirements simply because of the experience in the industry.


Our Philosophy

To facilitate our customers with a rewarding professional real estate experience. 

Great Place to Work

At CMS, we demand excellence. All our employees are encouraged to lead by example, seek to solve big challenges, set measurable and actionable goals, and continuously learn, iterate, and improve.

If you are looking to join us, we always have openings for various positions– all over the city of Kampala. Please check with our HR office on 4th Floor Crane Chambers, Kampala Road for full time and internship positions.

About CMS
Crane Management Services Speke Apartments

Great Places to Live

We have highly attractive and impressive balance between gracious informality and stylish sophistication of elegant properties with an expression of timeless and everlasting beauty for your residence.

How Can Our Team Help You ?

Call   +256702711142  or +256752711750  or Email Us and speak to one of our property managers today.

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